Top 5 Albums Coming in 2022

As we come to an end of a year which was filled with so muich hope but is ending on quite a sour note, I thought I’d be optimistic and look to the future at some new music we will be hearing soon! Or will we, some of these artists on the list are merely rumours or out of hope rather than expectation, others are a certainty! So lets look into our top 5 albums coming (or rumoured to be) in 2022.

Number 5: Foals

Kicking off with an obvious shout, we have Foals. A divisive band it’s fair to say, a lot like marmite, you either love them or hate them, or like me you’ve never properly tried them and have no opinion. Well, that’s not completely true, I am well aware of the big Foals hits and will be attending their UK tour later this year. So with the tour coming up in the Spring and Summer, as well as having a ‘party ready’ album recorded as confirmed by frontman Yannis with NME, it is only a matter of time until the album announcement and the release! 

For me, Foals are a strange one though. They have an incredibly loyal fanbase and aren’t afraid to mix things up as seen with their most recent albums ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost’ Part 1 + 2, so it’s fair to assume that no matter what they release it will likely go down well with their fans. On the other side of things, is going back to their earlier days and releasing a “party ready” album their way of pushing themselves back into the forefront of indie music, like they had done previously with hits such as ‘My Number’ and ‘Mountain at my Gates’. Time will tell but this is an album which is very highly anticipated, and coming soon!

4. Blossoms

As we all know Blossoms have been incredibly consistent, releasing an album every two years since they burst onto the scene in 2016 and I can’t imagine 2022 being any different. Despite not being on the bill for many festivals as we speak, I can feel a new album coming and to be honest, I can’t wait.

For me, foolish loving spaces, although being good, was their weakest album to date and I am hoping they will come back with a bang in 2022.

3. Catfish and the Bottlemen

So, hear me out on this one, Catfish and the Bottlemen are arguably one of the biggest talking points in the indie world right now, and not exactly for the best reasons. Rumours continue to circulate on whether they are continuing as a band, their drummer Bob Hall has left and there has been radio silence from the band for coming up to two years now. It means one of two things, the rumours are true, and the cocoon rockers are breaking up for good, or a new album is on the way. On a sidenote, I have heard recently that Van McCann is planning on going solo after all their planned shows are complete, but we will have to wait and see.

2. Jamie T

It has been a long five years since Jamie T released his last album, titled ‘trick’ which in itself was not quite up to the standard of his previous 3, yet it did provide us with ‘Power Over Men’, ‘Sign of the Times’ and ‘Dragon Bones’ but it seems fans are becoming restless.

However, you may not have to wait much longer as, in October 2021 it was revealed Jamie had been working on new material with non-other than Carl Barat. The Libertines frontman posted a picture of the pair on Instagram alongside former Prodigy member Olly Burden. It will be 6 years in September with no new Jamie T content, but I believe we will have a new album to dig our teeth into before then.

1. Arctic Monkeys

Less of a rumour and more just a matter of time, ever since Arctic Monkeys’ Matt Helders confirmed that an album was coming in 2022 excitement has been rife within the AM fanbase. Writing this on the day they were announced as Reading and Leeds headliner, it would be fair to assume the album is due early in 2022, possibly as early as March considering their tour in Europe kicks off in June.

It has been a long 3 years since Tranquility Base was released, which really did split the fanbase, and it will be interesting to see which direction the band take the new album. Of course, people will want them to head back to their roots, which if we are being honest is incredibly unlikely, but more likely is the continuation of Alex Turners progression into becoming the closest thing to Bowie this generation has with another concept album.

Time will tell but we are all excited to hear it!

And that’s the rumoured top 5 albums for 2022, which one are you excited to hear and who else do you want new music from?

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