Ashley Stacey Does It Again with ‘The Morning Sun’

Release Date: 17th December 2021

Honestly I feel redundant writing reviews for Mr Stacey but the truth is, he smashes it every single time. In roughly a year or so he has managed to show off more range and talent most “big timers” could muster between them, with songs like ‘Palace Pier’ or even his EP ‘The Sun Still Shines On You’ earning him a quickly rising spot in terms of my favourite artist at the moment, so are you really surprised that his newest track is just that? A hit.

But I’m realising I’ve not actually talked about the track, so I probably should. It’s beautiful, and it helped me realise just why I like Ashley so much as a musician. Especially pungent in this track he possesses a rare and incomparable ability to sound timeless, honestly if you laid one of his tracks into the background of a piece of cinema set in the 80’s or even 60’s it would feel just as well suited as it does in the modern day playlist.

Honestly, it’s just another stepping stone for Stacey. Most artists have to wait years for their shot at the big leagues but for him it feels like merely a matter of time. The instrumental, amazing. Classically relaxing and psychedelic notes helping steady any heart. The vocals? Come on, you’ve heard his voice by now don’t bother asking.

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