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Corduroy Institute – Eight/Chance/Meetings

Release Date – 21st June 2021 Words: Ben Mills ‘Eight/Chance/Meetings’ is the latest release from Corduroy Institute, and one worthy of your full attention. Corduroy Institute is a “San Diego-based non-profitable institution specialising in sonic research and development”. Before we dive into the newest release from Corduroy Institute, I must first talk about their creativeContinue reading “Corduroy Institute – Eight/Chance/Meetings”

Is ‘Suck it and See’ Arctic Monkeys Most Underrated Record?

Words: Dan Smith Doesn’t nine years just fly by? To think I was only twelve years old when ‘Suck it and See’ was released honestly frightens me, but nevertheless it gives us the perfect opportunity to look back and discuss the often under-appreciated fourth studio album. The Arctic Monkeys fan base is a very dividedContinue reading “Is ‘Suck it and See’ Arctic Monkeys Most Underrated Record?”

Wolverhampton’s Sam Lambeth evokes Bob Dylan and Springsteen in his raw and emotive debut album ‘Love and Exile’

Release Date – 28th May 2021 Words: Tom Farmer Whilst COVID and lockdown has had countless negative impacts, every now and then you discover a silver lining of the last 16 months. For Sam Lambeth, and fans of brooding solo guitar music, a positive amongst the negatives is that the pandemic persuaded the experienced musicianContinue reading “Wolverhampton’s Sam Lambeth evokes Bob Dylan and Springsteen in his raw and emotive debut album ‘Love and Exile’”

Tugboat Captain – ‘Rut’

Published on 16 October 2020 Today we’re bringing you the debut studio album from indie-pop quartet Tugboat Captain. “One of the UK-scene’s best kept secrets” – For The Rabbits ‘Rut’ has been described as the bands’ ‘coming of age’ album, recorded at the famous Abbey Road studio; featuring a variety of the band’s friends andContinue reading “Tugboat Captain – ‘Rut’”

I Divorced Life- ‘Petting Zoo’

Published on 17 December 2020 at 19:29  Bringing together a range of surprisingly complementary genres and sounds, I Divorced Life brings us an album so forward thinking it’s almost a blast from the past with ‘Petting Zoo’. Look I know how it sounds, nonsensical gibberish at best, but if you listen or have listened I hope you can understand the reasoning behindContinue reading “I Divorced Life- ‘Petting Zoo’”

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