Michael Vickers – Don’t Stop (feat. Isla Wolfe)

When Michael returned into our messages with a new single, I was keen to listen. After his releases in 2020 including the ‘Poetic Nonsense’ EP, I was excited to hear the new direction Michael was going to take his music after a well earned break. But nothing could have prepared me for the Leicester localContinue reading “Michael Vickers – Don’t Stop (feat. Isla Wolfe)”

Catfish and the Bottlemen Are Over… Or Are They?

To my dismay, my place of work plays Radio 1 all day, everyday. So that means 9.9 times out of 10, I want to blow my brains out at the relentless Tik Tok songs, the Adele spam and Ed Sheeran sh*te. The occasional Arctic Monkeys record, or Lily Allen throwback or Sam Fender banger areContinue reading “Catfish and the Bottlemen Are Over… Or Are They?”

Ashley Stacey Does It Again with ‘The Morning Sun’

Release Date: 17th December 2021 Honestly I feel redundant writing reviews for Mr Stacey but the truth is, he smashes it every single time. In roughly a year or so he has managed to show off more range and talent most “big timers” could muster between them, with songs like ‘Palace Pier’ or even hisContinue reading “Ashley Stacey Does It Again with ‘The Morning Sun’”

Top 5 Albums Coming in 2022

As we come to an end of a year which was filled with so muich hope but is ending on quite a sour note, I thought I’d be optimistic and look to the future at some new music we will be hearing soon! Or will we, some of these artists on the list are merelyContinue reading “Top 5 Albums Coming in 2022”