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Michael Barnes – Ghosts EP

Michael Barnes debut EP ‘Ghosts’, featuring his debut single of the same name, has been years in the making, and clearly over that time Michael has been inspired by his many great musical influences to create something drenched in style and tone. Throughout the four tracks Michael blends together modern, electric indie music with iconic synth sounds of the 80s, givingContinue reading “Michael Barnes – Ghosts EP”

brad – Tranquil in Turmoil EP

Today we’re bringing you the debut EP ‘Tranquil in Turmoil’ from Birmingham based artist and producer, Brad. With all of his material being based upon original ideas formed in his Bedroom studio, this EP particularly draws on personal experiences and everyday problems, which are reflected not only in his lyrics but also the general toneContinue reading “brad – Tranquil in Turmoil EP”

Jonny Ash – Blurry Vision EP

Wrexham band Jonny Ash released their debut EP entitled ‘Blurry Vision’, including four songs: The faster and more upbeat ‘MDMA’ and the heartfelt, uplifting and quite frankly extremely impressive ‘Brother’, as well as the two previously released singles; ‘Rosies’ and ‘Eclipse’, the latter of which contains the lyrics which provide the eponym of the EP.Continue reading “Jonny Ash – Blurry Vision EP”

George Rowlands – Shine On EP

After such a turbulent and unpredictable week for music, with new Coronavirus restrictions cancelling shows and Rishi Sunak infamously calling on musicians to “retrain”, an EP entitled ‘Shine On’ seems way too optimistic for the times we live in. Yet, George Rowlands’ latest release is a reminder of the beacon of hope that grassroots musicContinue reading “George Rowlands – Shine On EP”

In Earnest – In Earnest EP

I never thought an album could sway my beliefs but today, a day I’ve enjoyed in self isolation, an aptly named band predicted the future in knowing I would be back to listen again ‘In Earnest.’ ‘In Earnest’ is the self-titled EP of the talented trio. The EP as a whole is a carefully craftedContinue reading “In Earnest – In Earnest EP”

Funeral Lakes – Golden Season E.P

Funeral Lakes have released their new EP ‘Golden Season’. It includes three emotionally charged songs and is a follow up from last year’s self- titled debut album.

MPA – The After Hours E.P

If ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’ and David Bowie had a baby, ‘The After Hours’ EP
would be the end product.

Aidan Tulloch – Somewhere Without Lights

This is the debut EP from Aidan Tulloch and sees the artist embrace a lot of different genres, from electronica to indie pop. In this EP, Aidan is very nostalgic looking back at the innocent nature of youth.

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