Jamie Webster: The man Taking on the Tories Through his Lyrics

This week Jamie Webster released his second album ‘Moments’ following on from his successful debut album ‘We Get By’. His debut album, covered heavily by us here at Talk Tonight, had a theme throughout of politics and the Tory government. Lyrics such as “sick and tired of the bad news stories, sick and tired ofContinue reading “Jamie Webster: The man Taking on the Tories Through his Lyrics”

Spector Ask ‘Now or Whenever’… We Choose Now

Ecstatic to see Spector perform in Manchester this month, I along with many fans was devastated when the band was forced to postpone the tour until the spring due to Coronavirus. Almost three years ahead of the beginning of the rapid spread of the virus in the UK, it is no more heartbreaking now thanContinue reading “Spector Ask ‘Now or Whenever’… We Choose Now”

Michael Vickers – Don’t Stop (feat. Isla Wolfe)

When Michael returned into our messages with a new single, I was keen to listen. After his releases in 2020 including the ‘Poetic Nonsense’ EP, I was excited to hear the new direction Michael was going to take his music after a well earned break. But nothing could have prepared me for the Leicester localContinue reading “Michael Vickers – Don’t Stop (feat. Isla Wolfe)”

The Wombats set off the year with their funky fifth album ‘Fix Yourself, Not the World’

When you hear the name ‘The Wombats’, I’m sure tracks such as ‘Let’s Dance to Joy Division’ or Tik Tok bop ‘Greek Tragedy’ come straight to mind. Forming in 2003, the Liverpool trio started putting their name on the indie music map from their debut and beyond. They still remain to this day arguably oneContinue reading “The Wombats set off the year with their funky fifth album ‘Fix Yourself, Not the World’”

Catfish and the Bottlemen Are Over… Or Are They?

To my dismay, my place of work plays Radio 1 all day, everyday. So that means 9.9 times out of 10, I want to blow my brains out at the relentless Tik Tok songs, the Adele spam and Ed Sheeran sh*te. The occasional Arctic Monkeys record, or Lily Allen throwback or Sam Fender banger areContinue reading “Catfish and the Bottlemen Are Over… Or Are They?”

‘Shotgun’ is a dreamy new hit for Anna of the North!

POV: you’re road-tripping with your friends and blissfully reflecting out of the window, feeling thankful for the wonderful people and places that surround you. You’re contemplating life and the great journey you’ve made on your travels, and looking into the sky wondering where you will go next, your feet dangling from the edge of aContinue reading “‘Shotgun’ is a dreamy new hit for Anna of the North!”

‘Fever Dreams Pt. 2’ EP Review

With three successful solo albums now behind him, there’s no stopping musical legend Johnny Marr with the release of his newest offering ‘Fever Dreams Pt. 2’. The four-track release is the second of four parts of his eagerly anticipated, double album, released 17th December 2021, Marr is famous for his unsurpassable guitar riffs and unusualContinue reading “‘Fever Dreams Pt. 2’ EP Review”

Ashley Stacey Does It Again with ‘The Morning Sun’

Release Date: 17th December 2021 Honestly I feel redundant writing reviews for Mr Stacey but the truth is, he smashes it every single time. In roughly a year or so he has managed to show off more range and talent most “big timers” could muster between them, with songs like ‘Palace Pier’ or even hisContinue reading “Ashley Stacey Does It Again with ‘The Morning Sun’”

‘Seventeen Going Under’ (Acoustic) Track Review

Release Date – 10th December 2021 As we approach these dark and cold December evenings, Sam Fender has released the perfect winter comforter, with his new version of the title track of his second album ‘Seventeen Going Under‘. The collaboration with up-and-coming artist Holly Humberstone is a soft, harmonious one, essential for late-night winter journeysContinue reading “‘Seventeen Going Under’ (Acoustic) Track Review”

The Notion ‘Crusade’ is an Indie Rock Masterpiece

Release Date: 15th January 2021 Words: Dan Smith Every now and then you discover a new band and just indulge yourself in their music, which is exactly the case for me with The Notion. On our search for some guests for upcoming podcasts, the Manchester rockers reached out so I felt it necessary to haveContinue reading “The Notion ‘Crusade’ is an Indie Rock Masterpiece”