Pattern Pusher release retro-pop banger ahead of Autumn UK tour

Release Date: 10/09/21

Words: Dan Smith

The Exeter based trio have released retro-pop banger ‘Happy Place’ and believe me, it is hard not to be in a happy place with this blasting through your earphones. Cited as one of NME’s ‘Hidden Gems’, it is conpletely understandable when you have a listen to the funky hit.

Written with the whole intention of throwing your mind into summer, the song vibes with 60’s/70’s inspired funk riffs mixed with modern synths whildn’t wouldn’t be amis in a Bruno Mars classic.

Happy Place is a story of getting lost in your favourite place, even if only in your head.  It was written on a morning when I was beating myself up for not having my life sorted.  I was feeling down but then I remembered the good times, took myself to my happy places, good memories.  There are always things I love where I can escape to and I hope it will encourage others to do the same and no matter how dark things seem, try to focus on the positive things in life.”

Front man alex explains

The vocals throughout are excellent, blending in perfectly with delicate keys and a drum beat you can’t help but nod your head too. Ultimately, I found myself wanting to get up and have a boogey whilst hitting repeat over and over again. It’s no secret that the old-school, pop vibes are making a comeback and are one of my guilty pleasures. I have a 2 hour train journey tomorrow, and coming in at just under 3 minutes long I’ll get a good 20 listens out of ‘Happy Place’ and I will not regret it!

The song was released in early September ahead of the trio’s UK tour which is sure to go off!

You can stream the groovy banger below, but be prepared to two-step across the living room floor!

Abbey Smith released dazzling debut single ‘June.’

RELEASE DATE: 20th September 2021

Words: Dan Smith

Stoke based dreampop singer songwriter has changed up her style with debut single ‘June.’. Moving away from her grunge roots, Abbey Smith takes the lead in her new solo project which mixes dreamy vocals with reverbed vocals, all brought together to give us magic.

Kicking off with glorious riffs and a simple drum beat to compliment, blended in with the vocals I immediately got a Fleetwood Mac vibe from the tune.

Taking a poke at the modern indie age, Abbey said:

‘I wanted to make a song that reflects attitudes of people my age, particularly in theindie scene. June tells the tale of the strive to be different, being both lost and coolsimultaneously and forcing yourself to go against the grain.’

Abbey smith, 2021

For fans of Beabadoobee, Beach House, My Bloody Valentine, Lush, you will find it incredibly difficult to find a better female fronted song released this year!

Toria Wooff – James Edward

RELEASE DATE – 15th October 2021

Words: Kim Holder

Toria Wooff is a folk rock singer-songwriter based in Manchester. She has been mentioned in the Metro’s ‘Rising Star’ piece, as well as achieving airplay on BBC Introducing. For this new release she has taken inspiration from a love affair with the 1970’s, and is steeped in gothic romanticism. “James Edward” is a new release from Toria Wooff. It is a track about falling out of love and feeling as though a relationship is falling apart.

“Long days lead to sleeping through the dark” are lyrics from this song. It references that feeling of having to sleep away the day because you are so sad. This is a current theme throughout the song of feeling upset over the current relationship and not feeling how you should feel. This would be a relatable topic for many and is definitely a song that will captivate a younger audience.

This song is very 70’s inspired, which I love as you don’t hear that type of genre much from someone Toria’s age. Her vocals are an absolute joy to listen to and this is sure to be a track that fans will love.

Anyone that is a fan of 70’s tracks will fall in love with this song and even if you aren’t I highly recommend a listen. It’s a great track that I’m sure will boost Toria’s profile, So why not go and give it a listen now!

Lancashire lads The Empire Police bring a dreamy energy with their latest tune ‘Like They Do’

RELEASE DATE: 15th October 2021

Words: Emily Robbins-Pugh

Preston quartet The Empire Police have just released their second tune of 2021, ‘Like They Do’. The band consists of Jordao Bassa (Frontman), Tom Hale (Lead Guitar), George Jacques (Bass) and Harry Smith (Drums) who have erupted back onto the northwest music scene after a long eighteen months.

‘Like They Do’ is a vibrant tune which highlights the bands tight-knit sound, continuing to impress on the back of their previous release ‘Need to Live’. ‘Like They Do’ suitably pairs frontman Bassa’s familiar, strong vocals with a dreamy sounding synth-pop instrumental. Bringing a different energy to the bands past releases, it is evident the lads are continuing to experiment with their genre, and it’s paying off.

It is clear the lads are not only experimenting with their sound but also the lyrics within, their latest releases show a different side to The Empire Police focusing more on society and the issues that come with it. ‘Like They Do’ focuses on empowerment in a society which is so heavily influenced by expectations across social media. Talking about the track Bassa said “False narratives and unrealistic expectations are ingrained into society in the modern world, and the message of the song is that we don’t have to look like they do…social media is not reality”.

The band have racked up more than sixty thousand streams on Spotify, and that number is only set to continue to grow. You can listen to the track below:

Words by Emily Robbins-Pugh

Richard Carlson Band Don’t Disappoint at Dive

Words: Dan Smith

It’s been a long two years since I last saw the outfit Richard Carlson Band at Night & Day Cafe, Manchester, and despite several changes in the band, including a move to the steel city, they did not disappoint.

In a night filled with great music and pornstar martinis on tap, Richard Carlson kicked out their mini tour in the heart of HU5, Dive Bar.

Kicking off the evening was Harpans Kraft, with energising tunes and a brave frontman wearing his old school Leeds shirt. I’ll admit this was my first time hearing the Manchester band but I’ll be delving into their tunes after last night.

Next up was Tinned Meats. Difficult to put into words the quality of the boiler suits on show, but when you turn up dressed like that you know you’re in for a show. Frontman Jack Howorth didn’t disappoint and you should go check these out here >

Finally we had the main event, Richard Carlson Band. Fresh off their recent single ‘Langham’s Lies’, they were ready to make a splash at Dive and they certainly did. If you’re around Manchester tonight or Sheffield tomorrow, make sure you get down to catch their set.

Highlight of the night goes to frontman Brad Cadman with a mullet Billy Ray Cyrus would be proud of.

Tickets for the tour are available here >

Backstreets introduce themselves with debut single ‘Slipping Away’

RELEASE DATE: 7th October 2021

Words: Dan Smith

The first song to be released from his debut EP, ‘Slipping Away’ is actually the first release by London based artist Kieran Barber.

Originating in my home town of Hull, Keiran otherwise going by Backstreets is a solo project influenced by the likes of Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty. Written, performed, produced and mastered by Kieran in his bedroom, ‘Slipping Away’ is one fantastic effort for the first time out.

Tantalising the eardrums with mesmerising guitar riffs and a synth backdrop, the tune is as relaxing as it is groovy. Adding in those harmonica solos with some Pearl Jam-esque vocals, I for one, can not wait for the whole EP to come out!

Richard Carlson band release single ‘Langham’s Lies’ from their forthcoming debut album

RELEASE DATE: 8th October 2021

Words: Emily Robbins-Pugh

Manchester/Sheffield quartet Richard Carlson Band have just released their brand new single ‘Langham’s Lies’.

Set to appear on the track lineup of their forthcoming debut album, ‘Langham’s Lies’ carries dirty riffs and captivating rhythm, accompanied by a slightly distorted mixture of deep vocals. The singular bass which sets the track off would not go amiss as the opening track at one of their gigs. As the first track I’ve heard from the band, it had me intrigued to go and hear more.

‘Plaster’ follows on from this as the B-side to the track. With this tune comes a dystopian feel, slowing down the pace once more from its predecessor. From also hearing the earlier releases – ‘You Can’t Stop I Can Feel It’ and ‘Puerile Bouquet’ – by Richard Carlson Band, it is evident the band have made a shift in their sound. Bringing into play a heavier instrumental to accompany the vocals by frontman Brad Cadman.

You can catch the band on a mini tour in October, the first of which will be reviewed here at Talk Tonight:
● 14th – Dive Bar, Hull.
● 15th – Peer Hat, Manchester
● 16th – Shakespeares, Sheffield

I’m sure these releases are just a start for these four, and I’ll be eagerly awaiting their next number from their forthcoming debut ‘Pub Covers’.

Liam Hillyer – Hollywood Delight

RELEASE DATE – 1st October 2021

Words: Dan Smith

We are back after a month away, and there is no better artist I would rather cover than Liverpool native Liam Hillyer. The Talk Tonight Sports host has been making waves in the past year and his new single ‘Hollywood Delight’ does not disappoint.

Written through the eyes of a child wishing for the fame and glamour of Hollywood, “dreaming of a Hollywood Delight”, this is a change in tempo for Liam with faster pacing throughout the track, heavier guitar and absolutely smashing vocals.

Coming in at just over 3 minutes long, the song absolutely flies by and you find yourself having to listen again and again and again. For fans of The Jam, The Kinks and The Who, ‘Hollywood Delight’ is not only fantastic through earphones on a Monday morning, but is going to be killer live.

Serenades – First To Say

RELEASE DATE: 3rd September 2021

Words: Dan Smith

On a complete fluke I came across the debut single by Southampton four-piece Serenades whilst on hold this morning. To be fair, the gorgeous album art did bring me in and I thought “okay lets give this track a listen and see what they’re all about”.

And what a great decision that was. Kicking off with Libertines like guitar licks and drums, I was instantly impressed. Ultimately, this is a classic boy searching for girl love song we’ve become accustomed to in the indie genre, but there is something that is setting this apart for me.

Be that the upbeat, energetic nature of the single, or the fantastic vocals, I can’t pinpoint it. But I’ll be the first to say, I am completely hooked. For a debut single as well, superb!

I can see this being an absolute crowd pleaser, and is better than a lot of the music I heard over the weekend at R&L festivals. For fans of The Libertines, Courteeners, Circa Waves.

Pentire – How Would Someone Else Do It

RELEASE DATE: 3rd September 2021

Words: Sam Cooke

Take a classic tempo, add some impressive instrumental work, layer over a good helping of quality vocals and add a healthy seasoning of emotion. That’s how Pentire do it but, ‘How Would Someone Else Do It’?

 I’ll be perfectly honest it’s hard for me to write this review, every second listening to the track is sending me to a slightly higher state of euphoria. So let’s start with the obvious merit for me, the vocals. It’s hard to sum up the experience but if I had to try I’d say this; it’s a rollercoaster of emotions and vocal range taking your heart rate for a thrill seeking ride it won’t forget.

 Of course we all know impressive vocals can stand alone but to truly excel a good band has to be present, at least I am of this opinion myself. Which is why this track holds such high esteem from me after only being handed this review this afternoon my body and mind both to eager to wait for tomorrow to write this. The instruments manage to create a perfect harmony between themselves and the vocals truly sweep me off of my feet, their sound resonating within eachother causing a stir of excitement. 

 So what else is there to check off the list? Bright future? Check. Already very well put together? Check. Put a unique twist to their music? Check. Honestly the only thing I can see left is progression, onwards and upwards.