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Pattern Pusher release retro-pop banger ahead of Autumn UK tour

Release Date: 10/09/21 Words: Dan Smith The Exeter based trio have released retro-pop banger ‘Happy Place’ and believe me, it is hard not to be in a happy place with this blasting through your earphones. Cited as one of NME’s ‘Hidden Gems’, it is conpletely understandable when you have a listen to the funky hit. WrittenContinue reading “Pattern Pusher release retro-pop banger ahead of Autumn UK tour”

Toria Wooff – James Edward

RELEASE DATE – 15th October 2021 Words: Kim Holder Toria Wooff is a folk rock singer-songwriter based in Manchester. She has been mentioned in the Metro’s ‘Rising Star’ piece, as well as achieving airplay on BBC Introducing. For this new release she has taken inspiration from a love affair with the 1970’s, and is steepedContinue reading “Toria Wooff – James Edward”

Lancashire lads The Empire Police bring a dreamy energy with their latest tune ‘Like They Do’

RELEASE DATE: 15th October 2021 Words: Emily Robbins-Pugh Preston quartet The Empire Police have just released their second tune of 2021, ‘Like They Do’. The band consists of Jordao Bassa (Frontman), Tom Hale (Lead Guitar), George Jacques (Bass) and Harry Smith (Drums) who have erupted back onto the northwest music scene after a long eighteenContinue reading “Lancashire lads The Empire Police bring a dreamy energy with their latest tune ‘Like They Do’”

Backstreets introduce themselves with debut single ‘Slipping Away’

RELEASE DATE: 7th October 2021 Words: Dan Smith The first song to be released from his debut EP, ‘Slipping Away’ is actually the first release by London based artist Kieran Barber. Originating in my home town of Hull, Keiran otherwise going by Backstreets is a solo project influenced by the likes of Bob Dylan, BruceContinue reading “Backstreets introduce themselves with debut single ‘Slipping Away’”

Richard Carlson band release single ‘Langham’s Lies’ from their forthcoming debut album

RELEASE DATE: 8th October 2021 Words: Emily Robbins-Pugh Manchester/Sheffield quartet Richard Carlson Band have just released their brand new single ‘Langham’s Lies’. Set to appear on the track lineup of their forthcoming debut album, ‘Langham’s Lies’ carries dirty riffs and captivating rhythm, accompanied by a slightly distorted mixture of deep vocals. The singular bass whichContinue reading “Richard Carlson band release single ‘Langham’s Lies’ from their forthcoming debut album”

Serenades – First To Say

RELEASE DATE: 3rd September 2021 Words: Dan Smith On a complete fluke I came across the debut single by Southampton four-piece Serenades whilst on hold this morning. To be fair, the gorgeous album art did bring me in and I thought “okay lets give this track a listen and see what they’re all about”. AndContinue reading “Serenades – First To Say”

Edel Helena – No Vacancies

RELEASE DATE: 6th August Words: Dafydd Hedd Edel Helena’s industrial and rejuvenating energy feels plentiful as soon as the fast-moving bassline starts the song. The beginning sounds like the soundtrack of a chilled-out movie set in a city or an anthem celebrating an independent spirit. Rhythmically the song presents itself as youthful and spontaneous givingContinue reading “Edel Helena – No Vacancies”

Blossoms Are Back With 70’s Inspired Banger ‘Care For’

RELEASE DATE: 17th August 2021 Words: Kim Holder Blossoms are an indie rock from Stockport. Their band is made up of Tom Ogden (lead vocals, guitar), Charlie Salt (bass, backing vocals), Josh Dewhurst (lead guitar, percussion), Joe Donovan (drums) and Myles Kellock (keyboards, synthesiser, backing vocals). Their songs are 70’s inspired and will always putContinue reading “Blossoms Are Back With 70’s Inspired Banger ‘Care For’”

The Wombats release brand new track alongside announcement of a tour and fifth studio album

Words: Emily Robbins-Pugh Artwork: The Wombats – ‘If You Ever Leave I’m Coming With You’ (single artwork) ‘If You Ever Leave I’m Coming With You’ is the second single from The Wombats upcoming studio album ‘Fix Yourself, Not the World’. As BBC Radio 1’s Future Sounds Hottest Record in the World, the track brings aContinue reading “The Wombats release brand new track alongside announcement of a tour and fifth studio album”

Rosellas Return with Riveting New Single ‘Before The Strom’

RELEASE DATE: 6th August 2021 Words: Dan Smith For fans of DMA’S, The Stone Roses and The Verve, ‘Before The Storm’ is sure to have crowds jumping. With Ian Brown-esque vocals, the Manchester inspired band fill our eardrums with rocking drums and electric guitar. Taking that traditional sound we have become accustom to and addingContinue reading “Rosellas Return with Riveting New Single ‘Before The Strom’”

Jamie Webster Is Back With His New Single ‘Days Unknown’

RELEASE DATE – 12th August 2021 Words: Dan Smith Almost a year on from the release of his debut album ‘We Get By’, Jamie Webster is back with ‘Days Unknown’, an acoustic ballad which takes aim at the current political landscape with thought provoking lyrics. As we’ve come to expect from the Liverpudlian, you can’tContinue reading “Jamie Webster Is Back With His New Single ‘Days Unknown’”

Cucamaras Bring More Heavy Post-Punk Vibes With Their Latest Single ‘Safe Bet’

RELEASE DATE: 16th July Words: Emily Robbins-Pugh One thing Cucamaras have polished is their talent for writing tracks which tackle contemporary issues within society, something also apparent throughout their previous release ‘Death of the Social’. Their latest release ‘Safe Bet’ is no different, bringing rhythm and rhyme with words ‘Now you’re on a comedown andContinue reading “Cucamaras Bring More Heavy Post-Punk Vibes With Their Latest Single ‘Safe Bet’”

Gaby K will have you gripped with ‘Like You Should’

Release Date – 16th July 2021 Words: Dan Smith Birmingham pop artist Gaby K explores themes of one-sided relationships in this meloncholic new single ‘Like You Should’. Exploring darker themes of one-sided relationships, where the effort is never recipricated, I’m certain we have all been in this situation and Gaby K puts the message forwardContinue reading “Gaby K will have you gripped with ‘Like You Should’”

Kerry Feeney Is Sure To Follow In The Footsteps of Richard Branson and Propel Herself Into The Stratosphere

RELEASE DATE – 16th July 2021 Words: Dan Smith With a drum beat and bass hookline that wouldn’t sound amis in a Kanye West tune, Kerry Feeney is finally back and we are living for it. By now we know what to expect, the Beyoncé-esque vocals and some raw sexiness around the pronunciation of everyContinue reading “Kerry Feeney Is Sure To Follow In The Footsteps of Richard Branson and Propel Herself Into The Stratosphere”

Mad Hatter’s daughter have released a scintillating new single ‘wolves’

Release Date – 2nd July 2021 Words: Sam Cooke  If this is wonderland I’m not afraid to be fed to the ‘Wolves’. Coming with a lasting presence and breathtaking vocals, Mad Hatter’s Daughter is a duo truly worth watching out for. The instrumental has a pulsating energy I surprisingly would liken to Kanye West andContinue reading “Mad Hatter’s daughter have released a scintillating new single ‘wolves’”

How are we supposed to forget the future when it will be full of bangers and anthems such as ‘Lepricon’

Release Date – 5th July 2021 Words: Sam Cooke  Damn, is there actually a more beautifully named band out there right now? Their music isn’t too shabby either! Now I’m not one to normally fall in love with an instrumental before the lyrics but wow, ‘Lepricon’ has this high octane energy output with a footContinue reading “How are we supposed to forget the future when it will be full of bangers and anthems such as ‘Lepricon’”

The Garnetts return with upbeat, genre-fluid “Something Between Us”

Release Date: 18th June 2021 Words: Thomas Farmer The Garnetts are hard to put into a box. With indie-pop vibes, rock ‘n’ roll swagger and funk infused basslines, the Liverpool four-piece have hop-scotched from genre with great success. Latest release “Something Between Us” is no different, oozing rawness and emotion. The brainchild of brothers BenContinue reading “The Garnetts return with upbeat, genre-fluid “Something Between Us””

Callum Gibson has just released his stunning debut single ‘Summer’

Release Date – 25th June 2021 Words: Chloe Hepburn Callum Gibson is a 20-year-old singer songwriter from Dundee, Scotland who has just releasedhis stunning debut single “Summer” and it’s available on all major listening platforms now! ‘Summer’ consists of a minimal setup of guitar, vocals and light percussion and somehow it’smore than enough. Callum hasContinue reading “Callum Gibson has just released his stunning debut single ‘Summer’”

Hurtsfall prove they have ‘The Power’

Release Date – 4th June 2021 Words: Chloe Hepburn Hurtsfall are a rock band based in Nottingham who have just dropped their latest single, ‘The Power’, in perfect time for summer and the beloved rock festival season!  Punchy bass lines, interesting time signatures, underlying synth elements and a vocal that sure packs a powerful punch. Hurtsfall’s ‘The Power’Continue reading “Hurtsfall prove they have ‘The Power’”

The Daily Spreadsheets hit it out the park with ‘I Walk Alone’

Release Date – 11th June 2021 Words: Dan Smith Henrique Neves, otherwise known as The Daily Spreadsheets, has been writing music essentially his whole life. Inspired by great British bands such as The Beatles, Oasis and the whole Britpop era, these influences can be heard throughout his latest single ‘I Walk Alone’. Self produced inContinue reading “The Daily Spreadsheets hit it out the park with ‘I Walk Alone’”

Harry Miller brings perfect summer road trip vibes with latest track ‘By Your Side’

Release Date – 18th June 2021 Words: Emily Robbins-Pugh Liverpool based artist Harry Miller has released his first track of 2021, bringing to the table the mellow, utopian sounding track ‘By Your Side’. This is one I can imagine listening to, driving along a country road as the sun is setting with a loved one.Continue reading “Harry Miller brings perfect summer road trip vibes with latest track ‘By Your Side’”

The sound of the summer has arrived with Jack Cattell’s new single ‘LFTW’

Release Date – 18th June 2021 Words: Dan Smith Jack Cattell’s talent is no secret to us here at Talk Tonight. One of the first artists we interviewed, we have followed his recent successes very closely and he shows no sign of slowing down with his new single ‘LFTW’. This coming of age banger resonatedContinue reading “The sound of the summer has arrived with Jack Cattell’s new single ‘LFTW’”

“Could you ever love a loser like me?” is the penultimate question for Two Skies

Release Date – 11th June 2021 Words: Dan Smith Warrington two-piece Two Skies have returned to our streaming platforms to deliver a synth packed ballad which is sure to grasp everyone’s attention. Asking a question I’m sure we have all thought about at one point or another, “how could you ever love a loser likeContinue reading ““Could you ever love a loser like me?” is the penultimate question for Two Skies”

‘as long as i have you’ is a track that gets your emotions going!

Release Date – 3rd June 2020 Words: Kim Holder Foster is a newcomer artist from Nashville. His songs are from the genre lo-fi hip-hop and have taken inspiration from artists such as Mac Miller, The Beatles and John Mayer. He has gained attention recently from going viral via TikTok and since has continued to growContinue reading “‘as long as i have you’ is a track that gets your emotions going!”

The sky is the limit for George Rowlands with his new single ‘Golden’ sure to bring in the masses

Release Date – 4th June 2021 Words: Kim Holder George Rowlands is a singer-songwriter from Shrewsbury. His songs are from the rock/indie-rock genre and he started his musical journey at the early age of 12. He has gained a large following on YouTube, where he posts covers and original songs which have grabbed peoples attention,Continue reading “The sky is the limit for George Rowlands with his new single ‘Golden’ sure to bring in the masses”

The AV Club release 80’s inspired, feel-good sound of the summer ‘Better Days’

Release Date – 4th June 2021 Words: Dan Smith Warrington indie-pop group The AV Club blew me away with their last release ‘Mistakes’ and have followed up perfectly with ‘Better Days’ – this sounds like it’s come straight from the ‘Stranger Things’ soundtrack. With 21st June looming in the near future, ‘Better Days’ couldn’t haveContinue reading “The AV Club release 80’s inspired, feel-good sound of the summer ‘Better Days’”

Who Else Could Help Us When ‘We’re All Going Mad’ Other Than Ashley Stacey?

Release Date – 14th May 2021. Words: Sam Cooke. Fresh of the, unsurprising, success of ‘Palace Pier’, Ashley Stacey is back with yet another summer anthem – just in the nick of time. The tune, and it really is a tune, is all about examining society and social media, in which Ashley comes to aContinue reading “Who Else Could Help Us When ‘We’re All Going Mad’ Other Than Ashley Stacey?”

Jaws – Untitled

Birmingham four-piece Jaws have released their latest single ‘Untitled’.

Liam Hillyer – Where Are You Going To Run To Now

Even though the sun isn’t shining, Liam Hillyer’s new song ‘Where Are You Going To Run To Now’ will provide that bit of brightness! It is IMPOSSIBLE not to listen to this without a smile on your face.

Wolf Alice – Smile

Wolf Alice are a 4 piece alternative rock band from London. The band is made up of singer Ellie Roswell, Joff Odie on the guitar and since 2012 Theo Ellis on bass and Joel Ammey on drums. Wolf Alice is one of my favourite bands and I have been lucky enough to experience watching them live at Truck festival back in 2019 and have tickets for their tour next year.

San Francisco – Night Drive

San Francisco is a solo project from welsh singer-songwriter Iwan Grant. He is studying popular music in Leeds and is now ready to take his alt-indie/rock career to the next level. His songs are guitar-driven and have traditional indie sounds as heard in his first two releases ‘Just Friends’ and ‘(Not) Sentimental’.

Pentire – Water.

A modern twist on early noughties landfill indie, Pentire’s new track ‘Water’ will have you dancing round your bedroom at 1am (speaking from experience).

MRP – I Can’t Love

Morgan Powell aka MRP is a 23-year-old Bristol-based electronic music producer. He decided to start experimenting with music production back in March last year and since then he has absolutely fallen in love with producing and finds the ability to get his emotions across via music. He has had two tracks that have been played on the BBC and with this latest track, it will be his third that will have been played on national radio!

Giant and the Georges – Sunflower Girl

First impressions are everything in the music industry, those first 5 seconds have to be the most impressive and catchy of the entire track often times and this track captures that beautifully.

Jackson Lucitt – Text Back Blues

Jackson Lucitt, a singer-songwriter from Wales, has released his debut single ‘Text Back Blues’, a lovely folk/country little number, and boy, we do need more of these. I feel the that genre is growing rapdily and Jackson really excells here.

Sam Lambeth – When I’m With You

Summers coming, socialising has begun and what a better way to start off the season then discovering a new artist. If you’re looking for a soulful song to add to your playlist, then look no further then Sam Lambeth’s ‘When I’m With You’.

Rival Shadows – Killing Floor

‘Killing Floor’ is the latest single by Rival Shadows, a new experimental project created by Lancaster native Liam Kohlar, created after his departure from his last band.

Hippy – Vicious Circle

With Phil Collins-esque vocals, ‘Vicious Circle’ will be doing circles around your head for hours on end as you listen over and over again!

Lovepet Horror – Pattern Report

This slow-paced, acoustic number mixed with the orchestral quartet pulled at my heart strings, giving me literal goosebumps.

Edel Helena – Lonely People

Although women may be under-represented in festival line-ups, one artist I can see headlining far and wide is Edel Helena!

NEEVE – Over You

The south-side German 4-piece have struck gold with their fresh, soothing indie-pop single ‘Over You’.

The A.V Club – Mistakes

I’ve listened to this track more times than I care to admit but at no point, not once, have I ever listened to it and not been able to notice another perfectly placed feature I hadn’t previously.

Lily Forte – Loose Fitting Levi’s

Hailing from Southern Florida, Lily Forte has been writing music from her bedroom since the age of 12. Now 19 she is blossoming onto the music scene with her youthful and genuine song writing ability.

Jamie Pollock – Free as a Bird

The Scotsman is slowly growing into one of the standout new artists of 2021 and ‘Free as a Bird’ has done no harm to this. Jamie is going from strength to strength and I am sure he is going to be propelled into the limelight sooner rather than later with the level of talent on show in his new single.

Velocity Falls – Finest Hours

The debut single under the name Velocity Falls, released on the 5 th March is the perfect mix of classic indie rock and the 90s music scene. ‘Finest Hours’ instantly grabs a listener as an upbeat and catchy tune that always makes you feel good. A test for myself when listening to a new track is whether it would be good to drive to, this is one of those. I picture a warm summer day, windows open blasting out the lyrics to this song.

Ashley Stacey – Palace Pier

I’m one lucky guy, this is the second time I’ve had the privilege to review the great Ashley Stacey. For those of you who don’t know the name, Ashley Stacey is possibly the quickest rising star in the scene right now, bringing together modern ingenuity classic influences, as well as his undeniable talent and passion.

Jace Campbell – History is History

Fresh off his debut single ‘Lost’ and an appearance on the most recent Talk Tonight video (linked below), Jace has hit a new height with his new single ‘History is History’.

Szou – Rose-Tinted

Szou is a Manchester-based pop artist. Originally from West-Sussex, Szou moved to Manchester, Where she came to find the inspiration for her music from the vibrant city. Szou describes her music as “deep pop that makes you dance”. The lyrics of her songs are a unique take on life and the universe as we know it.

Milan Reid – 21 Grams

Talented up and comer Milan Reid returns with ‘21 Grams’ following his debut album ‘Closeness Over Time’ in 2020. ‘21 grams’ deals with a breakup and the confused emotions caused by such an event.

Daze – Yourself

Oxford-based Daze release the well-polished and dreamy ‘Yourself’, a Gen-Z masterpiece.

Rhys Byrne – My World

Some songs change your day, some your month, but out of north wales Rhys Byrne gives us a song that will change your world.

The Rah’s – She’s Not

The Rah’s return with their first new single of the year ‘She’s Not’. An absolutely rip roaring rock song that will shake you to the core.

The Shed Project – Feel My Love

Fresh off of their feature on ‘Tunes of the Week’ (below), read up our review on The Shed Project’s new tune ‘Feel My Love’.

Perry Manning – Vinegar and Veins

Perry Manning is a singer-songwriter from the West Midlands. His songs are guitar-heavy indie rock, and he mixes his sound between acoustic and electric. His lyrics within his songs are extremely meaningful with a soulful feel to them and is always creating wonderfully bold sounds. He has also supported some big names such as Peter Doherty from The Libertines.

TRACEY – Nothing New

North-West London’s TRACEY hit the ground running with charmingly cynical debut single ‘Nothing New’.

BANDIT – Peppermints Don’t Hide Everything

Releasing their sixth single ‘Peppermints Don’t Hide Everything’ Bandit are back, a band who have racked up 300,000 streams on Spotify, and have now taken themselves onto other social media platforms, such as Tiktok. ‘Peppermints’ is introduced with the shredding guitars. Then in come Nat’s vocals, which are fantastic. Notably the drums on this particular track are brilliant.

The Fiasco – Played Me at My Own Game

If you like crisp, pop rock tunes, that blast out of the speaker as the end credits roll down the screen, after your high school summer prom, then you will just love ‘Played Me At My Own Game’ by Wakefield’s finest, The Fiasco.

Jamie Pollock – In Away (From the Life)

Jamie Pollock is a singer-songwriter from Alloa, Scotland. He departed ways from the Indie band Vida and has since gone on to excel in a solo career. This has involved creating nineties sounding, whipping physchedlia and folk melody songs. These songs are on the topic of being on the being on the road, family ties and wisdom.

Lucigenic – Hope

‘Hope’ is the latest single from Manchester “supergroup” Lucigenic. The self-described indie-prog-pop group currently have their 2020 debut EP ‘1’ under their belts and ‘Hope’ is the first single to be released from their forthcoming EP.

Rosellas – Damaged

The Rosellas latest single, ‘Damaged’, is a carefully crafted tune building on the band’s earlier repertoire, but also drawing influence from other Mancunian artists.

Warrington Music – Swings and Waterslides

Release Date – 12th February 2021 Words: Dan Smith It features artists such as @theksofficial @jessicaluisemusic @lucybellmusicuk @alignersband @theavclubband and is produced by Viola Beach’s sound engineer @cal_bate We’ve all heard the song and I know how great it is. Viola Beach had the potential to reach greatness, with their lives ending too soon but their legacy lives on with tributes likeContinue reading “Warrington Music – Swings and Waterslides”

Pink Salmon – Golden Boy

Pink Salmon is a Manchester-based indie-pop artist. His songs are indie with the essence of pop. Tomm Thomas aka Pink Salmon was a DJ but due to the current coronavirus pandemic, he has decided to start making his own music again, and I am here for it.

Cherry Bleach – Drown

Emotions and deep thoughts are provoked to the point of drowning with Cherry Bleach’s new song

Anna May – Careless

Anna May may be one for the future, but she is most definitely one for the right now!

Say Yes, Do Nothing – Lockdown

Say Yes, Do Nothing are a North London based rock band. Their songs are Alt/country and Americana with a gritty and poetic feel to them, they often touch upon subjects such as homelessness, abortion, abuse and alcoholism. These are subjects that can be controversial, however, they resonate with many people, therefore making them relatable. The band is made up of David on vocals and guitar, Simon on bass and vocals and finally Dan on lead guitar and vocals.

Honey Motel – Morning Affairs

I first came across the Liverpudlian four-piece on the Lets Music Together podcast and their down to earth, laidback nature immediately impressed me. Then I got sent ‘Morning Affairs’ and I am now a huge Honey Motel fan!

POND3RR – Black Onyx

Take a seat lean back and get comfy, you’re listening to one of the most relaxing and easy listening tracks I’ve heard in years.

Taylor Castro – Breathe

I find it beautiful how a song written from a place of frustration can calm the listeners and put a huge smile on their face. I looked like a kid in the candy store listening to ‘Breathe’, it really is something to behold.

If by Whiskey – Amorous You

Release Date – 26th January 2021 Words: Dan Smith Lead singer Aaron Overton provides us with a vocal performance similar to that of Micky Dolenz of The Monkees. Lasting only 2 minutes long, ‘Amorous You’ is able to encapsulate garage rock at its finest. With infectious riffs, lyrics you find yourself singing along to after aContinue reading “If by Whiskey – Amorous You”

The Gabriels – Loose Canyon

Nothing screams escapism like a blast from the past, and with The Gabriels you’ll find yourself being flung back to the swinging 60s in seconds!

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