The Notion ‘Crusade’ is an Indie Rock Masterpiece

Release Date: 15th January 2021 Words: Dan Smith Every now and then you discover a new band and just indulge yourself in their music, which is exactly the case for me with The Notion. On our search for some guests for upcoming podcasts, the Manchester rockers reached out so I felt it necessary to haveContinue reading “The Notion ‘Crusade’ is an Indie Rock Masterpiece”

Pattern Pusher release retro-pop banger ahead of Autumn UK tour

Release Date: 10/09/21 Words: Dan Smith The Exeter based trio have released retro-pop banger ‘Happy Place’ and believe me, it is hard not to be in a happy place with this blasting through your earphones. Cited as one of NME’s ‘Hidden Gems’, it is conpletely understandable when you have a listen to the funky hit. WrittenContinue reading “Pattern Pusher release retro-pop banger ahead of Autumn UK tour”

Abbey Smith released dazzling debut single ‘June.’

RELEASE DATE: 20th September 2021 Words: Dan Smith Stoke based dreampop singer songwriter has changed up her style with debut single ‘June.’. Moving away from her grunge roots, Abbey Smith takes the lead in her new solo project which mixes dreamy vocals with reverbed vocals, all brought together to give us magic. Kicking off withContinue reading “Abbey Smith released dazzling debut single ‘June.’”

Backstreets introduce themselves with debut single ‘Slipping Away’

RELEASE DATE: 7th October 2021 Words: Dan Smith The first song to be released from his debut EP, ‘Slipping Away’ is actually the first release by London based artist Kieran Barber. Originating in my home town of Hull, Keiran otherwise going by Backstreets is a solo project influenced by the likes of Bob Dylan, BruceContinue reading “Backstreets introduce themselves with debut single ‘Slipping Away’”

Richard Carlson band release single ‘Langham’s Lies’ from their forthcoming debut album

RELEASE DATE: 8th October 2021 Words: Emily Robbins-Pugh Manchester/Sheffield quartet Richard Carlson Band have just released their brand new single ‘Langham’s Lies’. Set to appear on the track lineup of their forthcoming debut album, ‘Langham’s Lies’ carries dirty riffs and captivating rhythm, accompanied by a slightly distorted mixture of deep vocals. The singular bass whichContinue reading “Richard Carlson band release single ‘Langham’s Lies’ from their forthcoming debut album”

Liam Hillyer – Hollywood Delight

RELEASE DATE – 1st October 2021 Words: Dan Smith We are back after a month away, and there is no better artist I would rather cover than Liverpool native Liam Hillyer. The Talk Tonight Sports host has been making waves in the past year and his new single ‘Hollywood Delight’ does not disappoint. Written throughContinue reading “Liam Hillyer – Hollywood Delight”

Serenades – First To Say

RELEASE DATE: 3rd September 2021 Words: Dan Smith On a complete fluke I came across the debut single by Southampton four-piece Serenades whilst on hold this morning. To be fair, the gorgeous album art did bring me in and I thought “okay lets give this track a listen and see what they’re all about”. AndContinue reading “Serenades – First To Say”

Pentire – How Would Someone Else Do It

RELEASE DATE: 3rd September 2021 Words: Sam Cooke Take a classic tempo, add some impressive instrumental work, layer over a good helping of quality vocals and add a healthy seasoning of emotion. That’s how Pentire do it but, ‘How Would Someone Else Do It’?  I’ll be perfectly honest it’s hard for me to write thisContinue reading “Pentire – How Would Someone Else Do It”

Edel Helena – No Vacancies

RELEASE DATE: 6th August Words: Dafydd Hedd Edel Helena’s industrial and rejuvenating energy feels plentiful as soon as the fast-moving bassline starts the song. The beginning sounds like the soundtrack of a chilled-out movie set in a city or an anthem celebrating an independent spirit. Rhythmically the song presents itself as youthful and spontaneous givingContinue reading “Edel Helena – No Vacancies”

deja vu Release Indie/Rap Banger ‘Turn To Dust’

RELEASE DATE: 27th August 2021 Words: Dan Smith For fans of Jamie T, The Streets and Fat Boy Slim, ‘Turn To Dust’ brings in the punchy 90’s inspired bass and keyboard chords blended with a modern, boomy drum beat, ultimately providing a hell of an instrumental. The genre fluid track provides bolshy lyricism in thisContinue reading “deja vu Release Indie/Rap Banger ‘Turn To Dust’”