Callum Gibson has just released his stunning debut single ‘Summer’

Release Date – 25th June 2021 Words: Chloe Hepburn Callum Gibson is a 20-year-old singer songwriter from Dundee, Scotland who has just releasedhis stunning debut single “Summer” and it’s available on all major listening platforms now! ‘Summer’ consists of a minimal setup of guitar, vocals and light percussion and somehow it’smore than enough. Callum hasContinue reading “Callum Gibson has just released his stunning debut single ‘Summer’”

SC.Undercover – Morals

Release Date – 20th July Record Label – Unsigned Words: Sam Cooke Google says morals is a lesson that can be derived from a story or experience. Me personally? I define morals as the perfect summer anthem. Birmingham artist SC.Undercover brings us a joyous sounding track ‘Morals’ which is oozing with darker themes in relationContinue reading “SC.Undercover – Morals”

Teague – Come Round

Release Date – 17th July 2020 Record Label – Unsigned Words: Dan Smith Inspired by 2000’s pop punk and more modern trap rap, this song encapsulates how we all feel about lockdown.  Teague comes back with his latest release ‘Come Round.’ The opening lyrics capture your attention immediately – “In this lockdown, feeling like I’m comeContinue reading “Teague – Come Round”

Larry Pink the Human – Love You, Bye

Release Date – 24th April 2020 Record Label – Brainsoup Words: Charlie Kempen Who is Larry Pink the Human: Balloon filled with helium or a man who has been left numb? ‘Love You, Bye’ is the latest offering from new dynamic duo that forms Larry Pink the Human. The duo consists of Laurie Vincent, oneContinue reading “Larry Pink the Human – Love You, Bye”

Kerry Feeney – Not Your Baby

Release Date – 13th July 2020 Record Label – Unsigned Words: Dan Smith Kerry Feeney’s incredble vocals are sure to throw her into the forefront of the R’n’B music scene, both in Liverpool and the UK! This fast, upbeat track taken from Kerry’s self titled Ep ‘Kerry Feeney – EP’ shows us all the potentialContinue reading “Kerry Feeney – Not Your Baby”